G-Tech Wood and Iron Shafts

Designed to meet the needs of club builders and hobbyist alike, the combination flexes of the G-Tech Wood and Iron shafts in A/L flex with a white and gold graphic and R/S flex with a black and gold graphic provides a wide array of options.  The G-Tech Wood shafts are 47″ long with a 5.0″ tip parallel section and .335″ tip diameter to provide plenty of room for tip trimming and shaft flex tuning.  The G-Tech Iron shafts are 41″ long with a 6″ tip parallel tip section and .370″ tip diameter.   The G-Tech line compliments the quality and performance reputation that Graphite Design is so well know for.

Features & Technology:

  • Standard and Intermediate modulus materials.
  • Great all around shaft for players looking to upgrade to graphite shafts at an economical price.

Bend Profile:

Shaft BUTT Section MID Section TIP Section


  • Designed to allow the club builder additional flexibility for tip trimming options to promote optimal launch angles and ball spin rates.


Less than 70 MPH 71-85 MPH 86-95 MPH 96-105 MPH
L Flex
A Flex
R Flex
S Flex

Tip Trimming for Std Bore:

Shaft Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 7-9 Wood
G-Tech Wood L or R 0″ 0.5″ 1.0″ 1.0″
G-Tech Wood A or S 2.0″ 2.5″ 3.0″ 3.5″
Shaft #3 Iron #4 Iron #5 Iron #6 Iron #7 Iron #8 Iron #9 Iron Wedge
G-Tech Iron L or R 0″ 0.5″ 1.0″ 1.5″ 2.0″ 2.5″ 3.0″ 3.0″
G-Tech Iron A or S 1.5″ 2.0″ 2.5″ 3.0″ 3.5″ 4.0″ 4.5″ 4.5″
  • Pro’s Choice encourages consulting a PGA Professional or qualified club builder to help you determine the correct shaft and length for your swing profile and to meet your goals.
  • Always leave a minimum of 0.5″ of the parallel tip section of the shaft above the hosel to maintain shaft durability and prevent shaft failure/breakage.  For example, if the head has a hosel bore depth of 1.5″ and the shaft has a parallel tip length of 3.0″, the tip trim length should not exceed 1.0″.
  • Improper installation may effect the intended performance of the shaft. Warranty is for material and workmanship of our products. Improper installation voids warranty of product.
  • Specifications:

    Shaft Type Part Number Flex Length Wt. Tip OD Tip Para. Butt OD Torque Kick pt Launch Spin
    G-Tech Wood L/A GTECH2DR-L/A Combo Ladies/ Lite 47″ 68g .335″ 5.0″ .590″ 5.0 LOW HIGH MID
    G-Tech Wood R/S GTECH2DR-R/S Combo Regular/ Stiff 47″ 72g .335″ 5.0″ .605″ 5.0 MID MID MID
    G-Tech Iron L/A GTECH2IR-L/A Combo Ladies/ Lite 41″ 75g .370″ 6.0″ .590″ 3.5 LOW HIGH MID
    G-Tech Iron R/S GTECH2IR-R/S Combo Regular/ Stiff 41″ 80g .370″ 6.0″ .600″ 3.5 MID MID MID

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