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Ian from Club Champion is back in the bay to test out multiple Graphite Design Tour AD wood shafts. See how each one reacts to Ian’s swing based on their flex properties and what the end results will be!

Ian and Mike from Club Champion test the new Graphite Design Tour AD Victory Force shafts!

Meet VP of Sales for Pros Choice Golf Shafts Bill McPherson and hear about the history of Graphite Design Golf shafts. Bill talks through the prepeg technologies that make Graphite Design products feel so good, and touches on the wins they are collecting on every major tour!

2023 PGA Show with Bill the VP of Sales for Pro’s Choice. Graphite Design introduces a new driver shaft at the 2023 PGA Show. The CQ shaft (conquest) available in various flexes and weight for the mid launch need. Check them out in the McGolf 2023 PGA show series.

VP of Sales Bill McPherson is here to tell you all about Graphite Design’s newly released 2023 wood shaft CQ! Bill not only touches on the CQ model but all of the most prominent Graphite Design shafts. Bill also discuss what the acronyms stand for and how their design profiles change the launch characteristics.

At the head office factory in Chichibu, Japan skilled craftsmen deliver high quality golf shafts to golfers all over the world.

New aesthetics for a popular shaft, THP Golf TV tests out the Deep Impact from Graphite Design. This one is designed for hybrids.

THP Golf TV posted a video comparing all of the Graphite Design Tour AD driver shafts and THP Golf TV got a lot of requests for a video on the iron shafts. THP Golf TV built up a set and gave the Tour AD 95 a test run and show you the swings and the data in this episode of TESTED!

Have any questions about the different Tour AD shafts? THP Golf TV takes out the variables of grip, length and club head and hits them all against each other and breaks down the data to show you what the differences are between Tour AD shafts.

A virtual round table discussion about Graphite Design golf shaft technology and fitting hosted by Russ Ryden, owner of Participants include Bill McPherson, VP Sales, Erik Boysen, VP Tour Promotions and Mark Maness, former PGA Tour player and Director of Instruction

Testing the new Graphite Design HD (Hyper Drive) shaft in studio! Designed to be very smooth and stable, we see what type of swing/golfer is best suited to this profile!

Bill McPherson explains the difference between the Tour AD DI, Tour AD IZ and Tour AD VR Golf Shafts to Russ Ryden

Bill McPherson and Russ Ryden, Editor, DevotedGolfer.TV review Graphite Design Shafts

Bill McPherson and Russ Ryden, Editor, DevotedGolfer.TV review Graphite Design Shafts

Bill McPherson is interviewed by Russ Ryden, Editor, DevotedGolfer.TV at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.