TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg is the latest in cutting edge carbon-fiber materials from Toray Industries, Inc.  Prior to TORAYCA® M40X, carbon fiber pre-preg materials were either high in tensile modulus or high in tensile strength, but not high in both.  The new TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg offers a large improvement in tensile strength with an increase of 30% over conventional carbon fiber materials.

The new and revolutionary TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg now allows our engineers to develop high performance Graphite Design golf shafts with an even higher degree of shaft zonal tuning without adding weight to the design, resulting in a higher degree of shaft stability and an increased feeling of total ball control over conventional golf shafts.

Golfers that take advantage of the Graphite Design shafts with TORAYCA ® M40X pre-preg may now essentially load the shaft more, and the more it loads, the more energy it will store and then release at impact, resulting in increased ball speeds and greater distance.

TORAYCA ® M40X material may be found in the Graphite Design Tour AD XC, HD, UB and VF models of wood shafts.