YS NanoReloaded Wood Shaft

Manufactured in Japan at the Graphite Design factory headquarters, the YS NanoReloaded re-ignites a shaft brand model long known for performance and quality.  In a quest to maintain the similar performance characteristics as the YS+ series, the engineers at Graphite Design took the YS+ wood shaft profiles and combined them with the high performance, nano-alloy material technology of the Tour AD DI, also known as “DI Technology”, to create the YS NanoReloaded wood shafts.  Manufactured using 46t premium carbon fiber materials with the addition of the DI Technology to provide the YS NanoReloaded with additional stability without the loss of the tremendous feel that the YS model of shafts is so well known for.

The YS NanoReloaded wood shafts are available in 50g, R and S flex, 60g in R, S and X flex and 70g S and X flex.  They all have a slightly stiffer butt and tip section and the same smooth center section as the YS+ wood series.


Features & Technology:

  • DI TECHNOLOGY- Consisting of the advanced NANOALLOY Material Technology from Toray Composites located in the tip region for increased stability and exceptional feel.
  • 46 ton, premium, aerospace quality, low resin content carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.

Bend Profile:

Shaft BUTT Section MID Section TIP Section


  • Designed to promote Mid to Mid/High launch angles with Low/Mid to Mid ball spin rates.
  • MSRP $130


Shaft Flex Fitting recommendations are based on the player’s Driver Swing Speed
86-95 MPH 96-105 MPH 105+ MPH
R Flex
S Flex
X Flex

Tip Trimming for Std Bore:

Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 7 Wood 9 Wood
0″ 0.5″ 1.0″ 1.0″ 1.0″
  • Pro’s Choice encourages consulting a PGA Professional or qualified club builder to help you determine the correct shaft and length for your swing profile and to meet your goals.
  • Always leave a minimum of 0.5″ of the parallel tip section of the shaft above the hosel to maintain shaft durability and prevent shaft failure/breakage.  For example, if the head has a hosel bore depth of 1.5″ and the shaft has a parallel tip length of 3.0″, the tip trim length should not exceed 1.0″.
  • Improper installation may affect the intended performance of the shaft. Warranty is for material and workmanship of our products. Improper installation voids warranty of product.


Shaft Type Part Number Flex Length Wt. Tip OD Tip Para. Butt OD Torque Kick pt Launch Spin
YS Reloaded Five R YS5RL-R Regular 46″ 56g .335″ 3.0″ .596″ 4.6 LOW/ MID MID/ HIGH MID
YS Reloaded Five S YS5RL-S Stiff 46″ 57g .335″ 3.0″ .598″ 4.6 MID MID MID
YS Reloaded Six R YS6RL-R Regular 46″ 65.5g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 3.7 MID MID/ HIGH MID
YS Reloaded Six S YS6RL-S Stiff 46″ 66.5g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 3.7 MID MID LOW/ MID
YS Reloaded Six X YS6RL-X X-Stiff 46″ 68g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 3.6 MID/ HIGH MID LOW/ MID
YS Reloaded Seven S YS7RL-S Stiff 46″ 77g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 3.4 MID MID LOW/ MID
YS Reloaded Seven X YS7RL-X X-Stiff 46″ 78g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 3.4 MID/ HIGH MID LOW/ MID

Tip Trimming for Standard Bore Heads:  Driver: 0.0″, #3 wood: 0.5″, #5 wood or greater: 1.0″, then Butt Cut to desired club length after assembly.

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