TORAYCA ® pre-preg using T1100G carbon-fiber with NANOALLOY ® technology is unlike conventional pre-preg materials and it is comprised of both higher modulus and very high tensile strength fibers.  The resin system of TORAYCA ®T1100G pre-preg is also based on NANOALLOY ® Technology for added strength and vibration dampening.

TORAYCA ® T1100G advanced material technology allows Graphite Design engineers to fine tune specific zones of the shaft stiffness for added stability without a gain in structure weight resulting in the next generation of high-performance Tour AD graphite golf shafts that provide superior Accuracy and Distance with every shot.  This technology may be found in the MAD and the Tour AD, VF, UB, HD, XC, VR, IZ, and Tour AD M9003 models of wood shafts.