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      • It has come to the attention of Graphite Design Inc. that counterfeit versions of its Tour AD brand golf shafts have been appearing with increasing frequency.  These counterfeit shafts are being sold through certain on-line vendors.  Below are pictures of examples of such counterfeit shafts and the models of the real Tour AD shafts they are attempting to imitate.  As you will note, the counterfeit shafts are made to closely resemble real Tour AD shafts.  However, the quality of the counterfeit shafts are generally substantially inferior to the real Tour AD shafts manufactured by Graphite Design.  Graphite Design’s examination of various counterfeit shafts has confirmed that the quality of the material and technology used in their manufacture is considerably lower than that in genuine Tour AD shafts.  This gives rise to serious performance and safety concerns.

        The following pictures may prove of assistance in identifying counterfeit shafts.  Obviously, certain visible differences between the real and counterfeit Tour AD shafts may be eliminated on future counterfeit shafts.


        Pro’s Choice Golf Shafts, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Graphite Design shafts within the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Dubai, South Africa and Australia (the “Territory”).  Pro’s Choice sells Tour AD shafts only to the dealers and other customers in the Territory which are listed on its website.  Graphite Design and Pro’s Choice are quite concerned about the safety of their customers and thus encourage them to purchase Tour AD shafts only from the dealers and other customers of Pro’s Choice which are listed on Pro’s Choice website.  If you should ever have any questions about what appears to be a Tour AD shaft or any other shaft manufactured or sold by Graphite Design, we encourage you to contact Bill McPherson, the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing of Pro’s Choice at (619) 454-6283 or b.mcpherson@proschoicegolfshafts.com.

        Finally, Graphite Design and Pro’s Choice wish to emphasize that neither they nor any of their affiliated companies will have any responsibility or liability for any accidents, incidents, product failures, damages or injuries arising out of or attributable to the purchase or use of any counterfeit shafts.

        We appreciate your continued use of Tour AD shafts.